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Free Arena of Valor (AOV) Vouchers

You can get FREE ARENA OF VALOR (AOV) VOUCHERS from Garena.  They are actually giving it a way by accomplishing a very simple and easy task that almost every player can do.  Are you ready to receive free AOV vouchers?

 Arena of Valor Free Voucher Program

Garena is having an event entitled "The Influencer Program Open Beta."  It is dedicated to players which will support Garena by promoting the game through various methods.  As a beta test they are starting with this one and it is very easy.
  • Step 1: Upload an AOV video/stream from the 25th of Oct to the 31st of Oct on Facebook/Youtube with the hashtag #AOVOMG
  • Step 2: Get at least 100 views for that video/stream
  • Step 3: Submit video/stream on the 1st of Nov
  • Step 4: Win 500 vouchers! (You can buy most heroes!)
In order to find your views on Facebook just change your video privacy settings to public.  Please do subscribe to my channel on Youtube - ShenTV where I will be uploading my AOV games.

Download and Play Garena Arena of Valor (AOV) now

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For more information please visit the AOV official website at

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