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Order Food on Facebook Soon

Facebook will soon allow its users to directly order food from restaurants and the functionality is simply called as "Order Food."  This move seems to be all going into the new normal in society in which food is the number one crave of people - offline and online.

When can you start ordering food through Facebook?

The feature is currently undergoing its initial test and release in the United States and is also available in Android and iOS.  Although the Order Food function is nearly at the bottom on the desktop.

In other areas internationally like the Philippines we might wait for a while before it gets rolled out here.  If it does, this may mean a read alarm for companies like Zomato and Open Rice which also offers food search, review and online delivery.

Why did Facebook venture into Order Food?

Food, food and food is the new normal of society.  There seems to be more food stalls in malls nowadays rather than other types of businesses.  Tons and tons of food parks are being built, seems like one after the other.

Facebook is the largest social media network and surely all of them needs food.  Therefore, with this new feature they are tapping into a very crucial need of their users which is to eat.  Depending on the platform integration and internet spsed, we have to see how it will went,

Happy Ordering soon via Facebook!

Are you excited about this future Facebook Order Food?  Share us your feedback.

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Reference:  Mashable

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