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Arena of Valor (AOV) Review and Feedback

Arena of Valor (AOV) is Garenas first Mobile Game or MOBA.  It came after their prime and top game League of Legends (LoL) was turned into a MOBA without their supposed approval by Moontoon into a game entitled Mobile Legends Bang Bang.  Garena filed a lawsuit against the game publisher for the unlawful and alleged copyright infringement on their game.

Since the launch of AOV last October it had become the number 1 MOBA game in the Google Play Store, however, there seem to be some things to be considered.  Here is our Arena of Valor (AOV) review and feedback.

Arena of Valor Graphics Review

I would say that compared to other MOBA games, AOV has a better graphics rendering.  The battlefield is smooth, effects are way better and the playing field is also more detailed. This smooth graphics and effects are what probably causes the lag experienced by most players in the game.


AOV Heroes Review

Garena gave out tons of heroes to new players.  You can get free heroes by playing casual games, playing ranked games and of course playing with your friends.  Recently they also give out a very powerful here - Lu Bu as a reward for those who will top up any amount.

I tried using Lu Bu on both casual and ranked games and I would say he is pretty strong.  The only caution here is to be careful not to be surrounded by enemies with you being alone.

The Lag Problem of Arena of Valor

One of the most prominent problems of Garena Arena of Valor is lag during the game.  I experienced this several times that even when your internet connection is fast you will experience lag.  What causes the lag?

In my opinion, the probable causes of lag in Arena of Valor are:

  • Server being not hosted locally.
  • Single server with many players.
  • Heavy graphics.
Do you experience lag in AOV?  Let us know by commenting on this article.

Favorite Hero in Arena of Valor

Among all the heroes in Arena of Valor here are my favorites:
  • Toro.  His attacks are powerful plus considering that two of them have a stun effect this one is very crucial during a clash.
  • Maloch.  The life steal and jump stun of Maloch is very useful.  You can stay alive and recover health while being in a game.
  • Lu Bu.  This hero has a very powerful attack combination.  Considering that his first skill can be used 2-3 times is very important when engaging the enemy.
 Do you also have your favorite Arena of Valor (AOV) hero?  Let us know by commenting on this article.

Arena of Valor Review Verdict

Arena of Valor (AOV) is a relatively new MOBA game and for sure Garena is still adjusting on it.  I am a rating of  3.5/5.0 for AOV.

Meanwhile here are some suggestions to improve the game:
  • Increase the gold cap.
  • Increase number of friends to receive and send gold.
  • Lower voucher cost of Hero.  The prizes are too high I think.
  • Improve the server specs.
  • Reduce in-game lag.
Also a piece of advise turn off chat heads for Facebook Messenger and be careful not to receive calls during a game or suffer the consequences.

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