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Garena Arena of Valor (AOV) suggestions and complaints

Garena Arena of Valor (AOV) had been out for more than a month now and most players already know that it has both good and bad reviews.  One of the best highlights of AOV is that it has better graphics than its competitors plus it is supported by one of the top MOBA company - Garena.  So what are your Garena Arena of Valor (AOV) suggestions and complaints?

I will allow you to add all your Garena Arena of Valor (AOV) suggestions and complaints at the comment section of this article.  Meanwhile here are some of my own suggestions and complaints:

Early AFK Remake

Challengers gets frustrated whenever someone goes AFK at the early onset of a match.  This is specially very furstrating when you are playing ranked matches.  It would indeed be better if there is a chance to remake the match to save the remaining players from getting the penalty of 1 AFK Challenger.

Increase Gold Limit Per Day

The current Garena Arena of Valor (AOV) gold limit is very unreasonable.  I am suggesting that the gold limit be increased to at least 2,000 gold per day including gold from wins and from gifts of friends.

Increase Gold Gift Per Day

Five friends a day is just too few.  Most people have 100 or more friends playing AOV.  It would be great to increase this to at least 15 at the most.  15 friends will just equate to a meager 75 gold anyway.

Lower Hero Cost Purchase by Gold

The current prices of heroes in gold is very expensive.  With the current gold limit and the prices plus the expense in Arcana, it is very difficult to save on gold in order for you to buy a hero.

 Lower Voucher Cost of Hero and Skins

The current prices of skins and heroes via voucher purchase is very expensive.  Not everyone can afford a hero or a skin beyond Php300 since most of the players are 18 and below.  Why not create a price range which starts from 50 voucher above?  I think that would be a lot better.

I know you might have more suggestions and complaints so please do add your comment in this blog.  The comment section is just below.

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