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How to enable Facebook link preview

Facebook will no longer allow link preview customization after December 18, 2017.  Once you post website links on Facebook, it will automatically generate a preview based on the metadata of the site.  Previously it is allowed to upload your own photo when posting a link and as we all know sometimes this generates click baits and such.  Can you still customize links or is there a workaround to this?  How do you enable Facebook link preview?

Solution for Website Owners to enable Facebook link preview

Facebook have a solution for website owners.  If you own a website and you have access to your own domain, you can still customize your link preview.

Facebook has enabled a tool in the Facebook Business Manager to let businesses continue customizing Page post previews for links to their own domains. It’s called Domain Verification. Follow these steps to verify your domain(s) and associate your Facebook Page(s) to these domains, so that you can continue customizing your Page post link previews..
So, if you are a domain owner you have to begin using FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER and associate your domain with it as well as your page.

Here is how to verify your domain:

1.  In Business Manager, click on the Business Settings button.

2.  In the Business Settings, make sure you are in the People and Assets tab, and select Domains from the left side navigation list.

3.  Click on the Add New Domains button, and enter your domain in the Add a domain pop-up dialog.

4.  If you have more than one domain listed, select the domain for which you desire to confirm ownership.
5. Choose the method you wish to use to verify your domain: DNS Verification or the HTML File Upload. Note: You only need to use one method.

Add a DNS TXT entry to your DNS record to confirm ownership

The DNS Verification tab of your selected domain provides the TXT information you will need to add to your DNS record.

1. Navigate to the DNS record section of your domain host.
2. Add the TXT entry to your DNS record.
3. Add @ to the Host field (if it is required by your domain host).
4. Once the changes have propagated across your domain's web servers, click the Verify button at the bottom of the DNS Verification tab for the selected domain.
5. Note: Typically, this change takes only minutes to occur, however there are cases where it may take up to 72 hours to complete.
6. Leave the TXT entry in your DNS record as it may be checked periodically for verification purposes.

For more information on how to verify your domain other than the method above visit this link.

Surely, Facebook is trying to make content sharing on Facebook more relevant, secure and authentic.  We are hoping that this will help you enable Facebook link preview.

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