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The Internet is Dead. Seriously?

The internet is no longer free as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted Thursday to repeal net neutrality.  The repeal of this Obama-era net neutrality protection could change how consumers access and pays for the internet.

Why repeal internet freedom?

Large internet service providers in the United States lobby for the repeal of net neutrality.  Their main argument is that it hampers innovation.  According to the Republican-controlled FCC, the repeal will create more jobs, since internet providers will invest more money.

On the other side of the fence, those that are in favor of retaining net neutrality includes big tech companies, startups and consumer groups.  According to them, once it is repealed it will give internet providers too much control over how online content is delivered.

Netizens reacts to Net Neutrality Repeal

#NetNeutrality became the global and United States trending topic on Thursday.  Among those that reacted is Netflix saying that they were disappointed with the decision.

US Senator Bernie Sandors was also very disappointed with the vote saying that the internet will now be commercialized on a new level.

The senator also assures the public that this will not be the last battle for net neutrality in a video he posted on Twitter.  He said that Americans must fight back.

US States Reacts

As the FCC repeals net neutrality, some states decided to declare their independence from the ruling.  Governor Jay Insless of Washington for example stated, "Washington state will act under our own authority, our own laws and our own jurisdiction to protect Net Neutrality for all Washington's citizens."

There was also a video featuring former US President Barack Obama talking about Net Neutrality.  As people supporting its retention encourages everyone to fight back and continue the battle.

What can you do?

If you are an American citizen and want to protect internet freedom here is what you can do:

  • call 202-759-7766 
  • or text "BATTLE" to 384-387 
  • tell everyone u know to do that this decision on #netneutrality still needs to be taken to court where it’s already been repealed TWICE so don’t give up.
Are you supporting net neutrality?  Tell us why or why not?

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