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Rules of Survival Quick Game Review

Players Unknown Battle Ground or PUBG was one of the first games to be a hit to many gamers and then there were RULES OF SURVIVAL.  Before even Garena hit its own game this might be just one of the best among the now booming survival games.  Let us have a quick game review of Rules of Survival.

Rules of Survival Versions

This game has two versions - PC and Mobile.  Players in the mobile version will not be able to play with those playing in the PC version.  The logic for this is very simple - level the playing field.

I did play the mobile version and if there is one thing that is funny in this version is the fact that your line of sight is limited.  Multiple players can in fact already standing beside each other and never actually notice it until one suddenly began killing the other.

Rules of Survival PC version offers a more perspective.  A wider line of sight as well as more control options.  This can also be the more difficult and skillful version since each player needs to outwit one another.  My two sons play this and well I can see that they commonly end at the top 10 and how they play it was amazing.

Why Rules of Survival Became a Hit?

The appeal of this game comes from the main concept of being a past faced repetitive game.  You compete as a solo, duo or squad against other players in the same game option.  For solo, there are 120 players and your main goal is to be the only survivor.

In Rules of Survival, you do not have to endlessly look for your opponents since the playing field will get smaller and smaller until you are side by side against one another.  It is a game which makes playing time very finite and the goal defined.

The ranking method which copies that of League of Legends is also very familiar to all players.  I would say that this game will last for quite some time.

Quick Game Review Rules of Survival

  • Very engaging multiplayer combat game.
  • Highly enjoyable.
  • Repetitive value is superb.
  • Quality of graphics is great.
  • Highly recommended.
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Download Rules of Survival here.


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