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Game Review: Batman Telltale Series

I recently began playing a new genre of game which I downloaded for free via the Playstation+.  Today, I will give a brief review of BATMAN TELLTALE SERIES based on the episodes that I already played.

Batman Telltale Series Story

Batman Telltale Series presents a new perspective on the whole Batman story.  This is very interesting and unique since playing the game across various episodes will make you more interested to go on.  I have not created an account yet because I know there is more than just the episodic game.

If this is an alternate universe story of Batman then the creators I think is doing a good job.  One of the greatest questions in this game is the real identity of the Waynes - are they really good or bad?

Characters in Batman Telltale Story

The characters are really well done except I think for Penguin.  I find the revised story a bit unrealistic.  Batman Telltale series puts Bruce and Oswald in a more close historical situation rather than an estranged situation in the original one.  Also, Catwoman has a new perspective in this game.  Will she still be Batman;s love interest?  Well, we just have to play through it.

I had just finished Batman Telltale Series Episode 1 as a write this review so I will be playing more.  The characters of Harvey Dent and Detective Gordon is also well played.  The reporter is also something to look forward to.

Batman Telltale Series Gameplay

I find the game I downloaded more like watching a Batman animated series than a game.  Thee is one time in which I did not press the suggested key and yet the same action was done.  Is this the way the game is supposed to be done?

The dialogue selections are also cool and the next action I suppose is based on that.  After finishing all the episodes I want to play it again and then make different choices like for example being kind to Carmine Falcone or hitting him hard at once.

Game Rating for Batman Telltale Series

As early as now I am giving this game a rating of 3.5 over 5 starts.  It is an interesting story line but the game seems to be a lot easy.  Correct me if you are reading this and you know more about the game.  I want to discover it really.

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