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Have you fallen in love in-game?

Have you fallen in love with someone you meet at an online game?  Well, I do fell in love with someone in an online game but the reality is that we are already a couple back then so technically we use the game as an additional time to bond with one another.  Did you know that there are people who actually met there and ended up being married and having kids in real life?

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Love

In Valentine's post this 2018, I was astounded by the stories of couples who fell in love, got married and have kids just because they met inside Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).  If you do not know ESO yet, well it is the online MMORPG of the famous Elder Scrolls and was set way before all the PC and PS4 games came.

ESO shares the love story of three couples:

I met my husband in ESO. During beta and shortly after full launch, I was an enthusiastic-yet-casual player. I loved questing with my Nightblade, the lore, and crafting. While trying to expand my horizons one day, I answered a call for a DPS for the dungeon Spindleclutch. I was grossly out of my element. - Beverly Nutcrusher, Tanker of Things

I will leave you with one final thought; ESO has given me many great things, even before meeting Elloa.  It gave me an escape during a difficult time in my life. It gave me a sense of purpose and goals I felt I could achieve, even when real life goals were out of my reach. And nearly every person I speak to on a daily basis I've met through ESO. I owe it and the hard people that work on it every single day a great deal. - Nicky

The ability for my wife and me to share this time together has definitely strengthened our marriage. Everything about the deeply engaging quests, the colorful NPC characters (we love you Raz and Naryu!), and the depth of the end-game activities captivates us. It gives us amazing experiences to share together. Our Khajiit are married in the game, and we even run a guild together.- Chris and Nikki Mohr
To view their full story you can check out this post on the ESO website.

What's your online game love story?

What about you, what's your online love story?  Have you met someone that you fell in love inside a game that you play?  Share us your story and we will be happy to read about it.

Notably, gaming and well for me ESO is really awesome!

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