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Win a Brand New Gaming Chair

I am sure that most of you want to have a brand new gaming chair.  This is your chance to WIN A BRAND NEW GAMING CHAIR from Secretlab.  They are giving away TWO Secretlab chairs this Valentine's day and you might just be one of the lucky winners.

How to win a brand new gaming chair?

Win a brand new gaming chair for you and the person you love with this promo from Secretlab.  One lucky winner will get TWO Secretlab chairs—1x THRONE 2018(Flash Red) & 1x OMEGA 2018(Classic).  This is all to make you can make your loved one comfortable.

Joining and winning a brand new gaming chair is easy.

  1.  ❤ & Share the post above
  2. Like Secretlab Facebook page
  3. Tag your special someone in the comments section.
They will then randomly select a lucky winner on Feb 19.  For Terms and conditions please visit

So good luck and hope you will win.  Meanwhile, here is a preview of the gaming chair which you can win.

Those are awesome chairs, right?

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