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You might soon not be able to send e-mail via Google

Is Google forcing everyone to use Google Cloud?  I ask this question because just today I received an e-mail that my Google Drive capacity is being cut to just 15Gb from its original capacity of 115Gb.  The e-mail says that they are ending an "Unknown Promotion" on my account, which is not the case since old users are given such a big space as a loyalty reward way back 2010. This means that you might soon not be able to send e-mail via Google.

Upgrade of Drive Storage is an Earning of Google Cloud

15Gb is very small for bloggers, photographers and those who usually store things online. I myself am using 31.17Gb which is 27% of my original 115Gb.  By May 9, 2018, however, I will just be given 15Gb and because of that, I may not be able to receive e-mails.

This is a clear marketing and revenue generation trick of Google who is focusing on their Google Cloud Storage.  It aims to get more paying clients and limit the freebies.  Since most people are now using Gmail and their account are probably over 15Gb because of various attachments, they would have no choice but to upgrade.

Pricing of Google Drive Storage

There will still be a free Google Drive space of 15Gb which will surely be given to all Google users.  For those who want more storage, they have to purchase a monthly or annual plan.

  • 100GB - $1.99/month or $19.99/year (Php89/month or Php899/year)
  • 1TB - $9.99/month  or $99.99/year (Php479/month or Php4,799/year)
  • 2TB - $19.99/month (Php959/month)
  • 10TB - $99.99/month (Php4,799/month)
  • 20TB - $199.99/month Php9,599/month)
  • 30TB $299.99/month (Php14,399/month)
Seems affordable to me but still why cap existing users of Gmail even those that are clearly been given such a huge storage.  For me this is unfair but still, I have no choice since Google is forcing me to upgrade.

Have you received the same e-mail?  Share us your thoughts.

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