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Biggest Mobile Legends Tournament in the Philippines

Are you a player of Mobile Legends?  If you are then this is your chance to win big prizes as the Mobile Legends PH Pro League offers a prize pool of Php5 Million.  The tournament will happen on April 14-15, so you better register now.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Player Requirement

  • Players below the age of 18 are required to acquire parent's consent to participate. Link to parental consent form:
  • Players are not allowed to join more than 1 team.
  • Players must be available for all tournament dates, including potential post-tournament interviews or other tournament events.
  • The act of registering for this tournament implies full acceptance of all terms, conditions, rules, and regulations stated, in its entirety.
  • All teams representing their countries will need to have at least 3 local citizens and all team members must reside in their represented country. All members are required to display the flag of the country the team is representing.

Biggest Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tournament Team Requirements

  • Team captains are expected to have Discord installed on their mobile device.
  • A team must consist of the following members:
  • - 5 main players (Necessary)
  • - 1 reserved player (Optional)
  • - 1 manager (Optional)"
  • Team ownership is determined by the leader/captain appointed by the team during registration.
  • Teams are prohibited to replace any of the registered players including the reserved player) throughout the event.
  • By registering, Teams acknowledge that all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the tournament have been given legal consent by the players for media and marketing purposes.

How to Join the Biggest Mobile Legends Tournament?

If you want to join the tournament please register at  This is your chance to win while playing your favorite game, so join now.

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