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Kratos buys God of War 4

In a very rare occurrence, Kratos buys God of War 4 to see his future.  In the Philippines, a store which sells console games was visited by the warrior himself to buy his own game during its first week of release.  Datablitz employees were surprised to see Kratos in the store.

Kratos visits Datablitz

A cosplayer dressed up as Kratos visits the SM Megamall branch of Datablitz to purchase the latest God of War game.  Store personnel were surprised and delighted to see a cosplayer of Kratos for the first time. Some of the patrons which are also buying God of War 4 also took the opportunity to take photos with the cosplayer.

Well, that cosplayer was me.  I had been cosplaying Kratos since 2011 and had won several tournaments during that time.  My latest cosplay was his God Armor version in God of War 3.  The costume was designed and made by Ichan Abueva while the makeup was done by my son and Ranne of Reverie Wonderland - she also took the photos.

Playing God of War in Cosplay

I bought the game since I want to play God of War 4 while cosplaying as Kratos in my Twitch channel -  In fact, I already made the first live broadcast last weekend and it was a blast.

Watch [PH/EN] KRATOS PLAYING GOD OF WAR! from shenbrood on

I will also come up with a God of War 4 game review as soon as I finish the game which might take some time - probably a month.

So stay tuned and don't forget to follow me on Twitch and watch me play God of War 4 while cosplaying as Kratos.

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