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Play SoftWar - The I Love You Virus Game

A new visual novel - a role-playing game is in development by a young Filipino programmer.  The game is entitled SOFWAR and features a cute girl character named ILY, short for I Love You.  A demo version is available and is downloadable or Windows, macOS, and Linux


John Doe, a serious programmer boy who lives and works alone, one day finds himself downloading the program that changes his life forever: The ILOVEYOU Virus!  Getting infected by a Virus is the last thing a programmer wants to happen to his computer! Unless it actually turns out to be useful!

Become John Doe and engage in the adventure of this cute AI.  Follow their adventures as they go over using their Future Artificial Intelligence programs, in the Grid cyber-world, Fighting Virtual battles called Softwars!

Game Features

Although the game is still in development and in the demo version, there are tons of positive feedback already.  The developer needs all of your help to come up with the full version.  Here are some features of the game:

  • RPG Battleware Card battle gameplay
  • Animated characters
  • Vector styled artwork
  • Waifus
  • Cool voice overs

Become a Patron of Softwar today!

Let us together help Team Kizuna who is creating Softwar.  These people are really putting all their time to develop such a cool game.

  • Twitter: @Raseruuuuu
  • Discord Server: Softwar VN
  • Raseruuu/Zan Kizuna- Story, Programming and Character Art
  • Arsym - Project Manager, Programmer, GUI, Co-writer
  • Opa - Story, Co-writer
  • Kiora001 / Julian - Character Art, Logo, and Cover Art
  • patricio_hue2/ Pio -Promotional Art, CG Art
  • gelopsychedelico -Promotional Art, Virus designs
  • Ralph Lauren JR P. Gabas - Bitdefender design from Softwar Flash
  • Sayaka Mashiro- Ily's Voice, Casting Director
  • Maoudamashii - Background Music
  • The Essential Retro Video Game Sound - Juhani Junkala - Sound Effects
  • Ren'py Visual Novel Engine by Tom Rothamel aka Pytom
For more information, game reviews and to download the demo please visit

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