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What to avoid in social media - Learning from Ayala Malls Vertis North

Just earlier today I watched a video wherein the social media manager of Ayala Malls Vertis North accidentally posted her personal story on the mall's Instagram profile.  It was a video where they are having the usual fun and drinking with friends.  This might be due to the situation that is why the poster was not able to clearly distinguish the account.  What do we avoid in social media as we learn from this post?

Never Post When Drunk

When you are drinking and you want to post something it is best not to post at all.  Why?  Because you might end up regretting what you posted.  In many cases, I had experienced this and I will totally say that posting while intoxicated is really the worst time ever.

Double Check Active Account

There were several times when I commented on Facebook or posted a status while someone else is logged in my phone.  For example. I posted a status congratulating my daughter when in fact it is her Facebook account that is active.

You should always check the active account before posting because like what happened to the Ayala Malls Vertis North Instagram post, you might just regret it and delete your account altogether.

Distinguish Between Public and Private Posts

Some of your friends might not want to be shown doing something to everyone, so better make the post as friends only and not tag him at all.  The privacy of posting is very important since at some point it can put us or a brand in danger.  Make sure that confidential things are set to private or do not post them on social media at all.

Calm Down Before Posting

Being engulfed in too much emotion while posting in social media can be harmful at times.  There was this guy who tries to humiliate someone over a Php2K debt and it went viral.  The result is that the girl got harrassed everywhere and her life was put in ruins.

When you are angry you can say all sort of things and when you post it on social media it might offend lots of people.  Do not make social media as a shock absorber because it is always a double edge sword.

That's all for now and if you want to add more just add a comment below.  I wonder what happens next to the person who posted the said video on the company's IG page.  Any guess?

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