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Dragon Nest Mobile Free Items and Rewards

Dragon Nest is now exploring a new realm as the game which was popularized by Shanda Games and Cherry Credits in the Philippines is now on mobile.  We would like to share with you exciting free items and rewards in Dragon Nest M.

Get Free Dragon Nest M Costume and Gold

Login now and you can get a free animal costume and as much as 40,000 gold.  This very timely event happen until May 31, 2018 only. All you have to do is to login via your Facebook Account, select your mobile phone OS and then provide the correct mobile number.


Old players are also being given a freebie.  So if ever you have played Dragon Nest before then just click the link above and provide your IGN and get exclusive items.

Dragoon Nest M Live Stream

Since this is a new game and well honestly I do like the PC version more, I will try to live stream this via Twitch at  If you are interested to watch just follow me and maybe I would also give out some freebies.

I had been playing Dragon Nest since 2012 during the Level 50 Cap release in the PC version.  Right now I had just returned on that version and is now leveling up my Inquisitor to Level 95.

Let us play together and see how awesome Dragon Nest is.  Remember to click this link for your rewards.

See you in-game!

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