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Elder Scrolls Online Summerset

If you love Skyrim, you will surely love this latest installment to the Elder Scrolls Online - Summerset.  In Skyrim, the Psijic Order was introduced during a mission towards becoming an Archmage.  A mage from that order visited the Dragonborn and give some prophecy.  This installment tells you the story of that order.

A Flashback in Time

350 years ago, this island headquarters of the Psijic Order vanished from Tamriel. For the first time in The Elder Scrolls series, you'll be able to travel to the Isle of Artaeum, visit Ritemaster Iachesis and Ceporah Tower, and begin to unravel the secrets of both the Psijic Order and the history of the Mages Guild.

This is something that reveals more about the history of Elder Scrolls and means a lot if you are a fan of the game or just played Skyrim.  It will surely answer some of the key questions that had been lingering for so long.

What's New with Elder Scrolls Online Summerset?

Explore a Stunning New Zone: Adventure through the beautiful forests and lagoons of Summerset Isle, and travel to Artaeum, a magical isle that transcends space and time.

Uncover a Dark Conspiracy: Meet the mighty sages of the Crystal Tower and ally with Razum-dar, a clever and cunning agent of the Queen, to uncover the sinister plans of an ancient enemy.

Master New Skills: For the first time in Elder Scrolls history, join the mysterious Psijic Order & master powerful new skills – including the ability to reverse time itself.

Craft Your Own Jewelry: Forge potent new gear with Jewelry Crafting and bolster your power with handmade rings and necklaces. You'll need every advantage to succeed on your quest.

Take on a New Trial:  The Divine Prosecution has evacuated and barricaded the city of Cloudrest after an unforeseen catastrophe. Rally your allies & tackle this new 12-player Trial!

The game is now available on PC and MAC and will be available for XBox and PlayStation 4 on June 5.

How About the Dwarves?

We had seen so many automatons of the Dwarves in Elder Scrolls.  This is highlighted in both Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online but when will their mystery be answered?  Will it be Elder Scrolls VI or will it be revealed by something else?

I am excited about Summerset but would you agree that finally finding the history of the Dwarves be the most exciting adventure?

For more information on ESO Summerset visit THE ESO SUMMERSET WEBSITE.

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