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Online PvP Update for Everyday Golf VR

Wisecat Co., Ltd., developer of the famous baseball game, Slugger, conducted a major update for Everyday Golf VR, a game which was released last year.  This game is the first realistic VR golf game introduced by Wisecat.

Everyday Golf VR Update Details

Added in this update is an online PvP mode, which so many users have waited for. According to the official, Everyday Golf VR users will be able to enjoy a trans-platform online match between Steam and Oculus through this update.

Also, the modifications in the update are so groundbreaking that users might perceive the game as a whole new one. Specifically, the indoor practice court, which can be entered from the Lobby, as well as small details including new decorative items, are all for the fun of gaming. With the Challenge Mode in the queue, the update offers more for users to enjoy.

Online PvP Update release 

While the online PvP update will be released for free, there is also a DLC package coming along for more convenience and decoration items.

With this update, Everyday Golf VR is now able to play and compete online regardless of country or platform. This game is playable on HTC Vive, Oculus Touch and Windows MR via Steam VR.

Visit Everyday Golf VR Steam Store Page

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