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Righteous Glory Streaming Marathon for Charity

Are you a Twitch streamer?  Are you a Filipino?  Help represent the Filipino Streaming Community in Righteous Glory!  Be part of something glorious and join Suzzysaur, Riku PH, Sh1n Boo, GLOCO Gaming and Eri Neeman as fellow Filipino streamers raise our hands and power up our Genki Dama to Save The Children and show the world how AWESOME we are!

How to Join Righteous Glory

Sign-ups for additional Streamers are now open.  If you are interested just click this link to sign-up:

You can also be part of #RighteousGlory by becoming a Volunteer! Join the Volunteer sign-ups now via:

Watch and join the 72-hour streaming marathon for charity this coming May 25-27, 2018 in Game Over PH for Righteous Glory Summer Spirit Bomb 2018. LIVE broadcast is also available via

How to Help the Charity Stream

Righteous Glory is being done through the initiative of  RUMBLE ROYALE, Streamers Philippines, AORUS, GIGABYTE, Intel, Converge ICT Solutions Inc., DreamLords Digital, Game Over PH and Twitch.

You can save the children too! Just drop your donations over at Game Over PH during the event dates or send your donations by watching online and join other people from the gaming community as we celebrate the awesomeness of Pinoy Streaming.️

Check out the official website for full details at:

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