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Bethesda Announces Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 76

Bethesda Games announces tons of new updates and titles including the long-awaited Elder Scrolls VI and a major announcement for Fallout which is Fallout 76.  They also announced tons of free to play games which will, later on, be paid if you do not get it at once.  Watch the video coverage in this post.

Elder Scrolls VI release reaction

What Bethesda show was a plain title teaser which does not equate to anything at all other than that they are working on it.  If Bethesda is also working on a very new game, Starfield then this means Elder Scrolls VI will not be the sole focus.

I am guessing that we will have to wait a few years before we finally see a new Elder Scrolls, say around 2020 to 2012.  Where would it take place? I am guessing that the biggest puzzle that remains unsolved in Tamriel is the Dwemer or the Dwarves.

Elder Scrolls VI - The Dwemers

The Dwemer (also referred to as the Dwarves, Deep-Elves, Deep Folk, Deep Ones, or the People of the Deep), was an ancient "Lost Race" of Mer who were remnants of the early Aldmer, and lived primarily in the region of Dwemereth.

The Dwemer were an advanced race and civilization, in many respects far ahead of the other races and civilizations of their time. They are well known for their skill and revolutionary developments in technology, engineering, crafting methods, metalwork, stonework, architecture, city-planning, science, mathematics, magic, and the academic arts.

The Dwemer are known for being the subjects of one of the greatest mysteries in all of Tamriel. In 1E 700, during the Battle of Red Mountain, for reasons still debated and under circumstances still being studied, the Dwemer seemingly disappeared. It is still being debated who or what caused the Dwemer to disappear, as well as whether they disappeared all at once or over a long period of time.

This will be of great interest if Bethesda decided to focus on this lore as many are curious about what happened.  I am thinking that the Dwemer are tossed far ahead of time by the Elder Scrolls and thus we will see a time leap about 100-200 years into the future.

In doing this Bethesda create a time gap for Elder Scrolls Online and Elder Scrolls VI which makes the two titles very interesting/

What do you think?  Share your views and reactions by commenting below.

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