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What are the Dangers of using PITU?

PITU is one of the most popular internet mobile app and application nowadays.  I have not used it nor will I try to use it because of the dangers that it possess.  What are the dangers of using PITU?

What is PITU?

Most of you will not mind about permissions that you give to an app when you use it in your phone or on Facebook.  I do not even know if it is an app or just a link on Facebook which allows your face to be transplanted to someone else.

In general, Pitu is a photo editing app which allows you to change your appearance with tools, stickers and filters.  You can swap your face with tons of images including casts from famous movies and TV series.

There is also an option called "Youth Portraits from My Past Life."  This is a filter which uses a vintage portrait from 1910 - 1920 wearing traditional Chinese clothing as part of the May Fourth Movement anniversary.

Why is Pitu dangerous?

Here is the summary of what permissions you allow Pitu in your phone.

Technically, this is the most number of permissions that I had ever seen in an app.  You basically allow the app and whoever is controlling it ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF YOUR PHONE.  The most dangerous here is the read/write access to your data and drives.  Meaning they can change the content and even delete the content of your mobile phone.

To be honest, most of the permissions being required by the app is not needed, so you should wonder why is this app asking so many?  Why would they need all of that permission?  You might say that this is paranoia and there would not be any harm but think about it.  Why surrender your privacy to an app which is not very beneficial at all.

Are you using Pitu?  What do you think of the app?  Do you think it is dangerous as well or was it just paranoia?

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