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Goodbye Yahoo Messenger and AIM

One of the most popular messaging app in the past is finally closing the curtain.  Yahoo Messenger is shutting down after its 20-year run.  The shut down will happen next month according to its parent company Oath.

Yahoo! Messenger Succumbs to Competition

The shutdown of Yahoo Messenger as well as AIM, AOL's messaging app in October was due to stiff competition with other popular messaging apps.  Apps like Facebook's WhatsApp and Messenger, as well as Snapchat and WeChat made it hard for the two to remain afloat.

Yahoo Messenger had been the default messaging apps of businesses in the past and was key in creating the first-ever messaging experience after the popular MIRC (Microsoft Internet Relay Chat).  It had also run into controversy together with Yahoo Groups which over live webcam and chats and became the hub of the very first popular cybersex enclave.

Yahoo! Messenger Replacement

Oath advises users of Yahoo Messenger to get the replacement product which is a group messaging app called Yahoo Squirrel.

Squirrel is an invite-only group messaging service that’s still in beta. It’s basically Slack for friends and family. Of course, you can use Slack for friends and family if you want. Or you could use Facebook Messenger, or iMessage, or a million other options. But Squirrel has a cute Squirrel mascot and you have to request an invite to use it.

What do you think of Yahoo Messenger and AIM?  Share your good old memories by commenting on this post.

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