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Detroit Become Human Review and Playthrough

Detroit Become Human is a game that I will not commonly play.  It is like a visual novel where actions and story are dependent on the choices that you will make.  Even though I am not a fan of such game I am sure glad that I decided to purchase and play the game.  Here's our Detroit Become Human Review and video of the first playthrough I had via Twitch.

Detroit Become Human Review

Story - 10. The story revolves around a case where Androids suddenly develop human-like emotions.  These Androids are called "Deviants" which I understand as a deviation from their program.  Connor is on the case to solve this increasing number of cases.  Will the Android deviancy be solved or will they eventually be free as human beings?  This is the question that will run throughout the game.  It has a very good storyline which gets to your emotion and sometimes makes you jump off your seat.  This is perhaps one of the best game stories ever.

Characters - 10.  Each of the characters has their own emotion and story. Connor, Kara, and Markus - the main characters will appeal to your emotions.  They have a story, a personality, and appeal on their own.  You will surely love each of them.

Graphics and Animation - 10. The animation and graphics were flawless.  Using motion capture and Unreal engine in this game was perfect.  While playing the game you will earn points which you can use to unlock the extras of the game.  You can unlock various videos which show how the game was made and while watching you will learn the great effort in making this game which took them 4 years by the way.  Motion, character movement, the environment, and almost everything were so good.

Total Rating - 10/10.  I am definitely giving this game a perfect rating.  Try it out and you will surely agree.

Detroit Become Human Playthrough - Walkthrough

Here is a series of video from Twitch of my live gameplay of Detroit Become Human.  This is the first time I am playing the game.  I am recommending that when you initially play it do not go back to the previous chapter just continue and perhaps in new stories too.

The fun thing about this game is that will just be shocked what your choices will lead to which makes the game exciting to play over and over again.

Watch [PH/EN] Exploring the Future thru Detroit Become Human from shenbrood on

Watch [PH/EN] It's Detroit Become Human Time! from shenbrood on

Detroit Become Human Story Finale

The ending of Detroit Become Human made me very emotional while doing my Twitch livestream.  I do not know if you will notice it but I cried live on cam.  I can't help it really.  Watching this stream may spoil you a bit but due to a large number of choices, you will still enjoy it.

Watch [PH/EN] Return to Detroit Again from shenbrood on

Have you played Detroit Become Human as well?  What do you think about it?  I am so eager to know about it too.

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