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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date and Nendoroid

Many fans are waiting for the official release of Kingdom Hearts 3.  Finally, it has a release date 5 years after it was announced in E3 2013.  When will the launch date be?  Are you excited to play the game?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

According to the sources that we have seen, the release date is said to be on JANUARY 29, 2019.  I think it is about time that this is done because for sure we all get tired - prequels, remasters, side games and all.

What will happen in Kingdom Hearts 3?  Well, we have shared this video source from Facebook.  Let us all hope that finally, there is an actual release.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Nendoroid

Good Smile Company meanwhile announced that Nendoroid Sora is now up for preorder.  The price is set at ¥4,630 (Before Tax) and is up for release this coming December 2018.  Nendoroid Sora is painted ABS&PVC non-scale figure with stand included. Approximately 100mm in height.

The finer details of Sora's iconic outfit have been preserved as carefully as possible, and his hair has been painted with great care to create a figure that fans will be proud to own in their collection! Effect parts to display him floating in the air while performing the unlocking scene from the game are also included. He also comes with a Paopu Fruit part to hold! Be sure to add the Keyblade user to your collection!! - Good Smile Company

What are you excited about the game anyway? Which Disney hero would you like to see? Perhaps they can include Deadpool because for sure that would be total fun.

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