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Spotify has a lite version too but its may not lite it

These days, tons of popular apps have lite versions. Facebook, Facebook messenger, Instagram, and even Uber currently have little versions of their main apps, and Spotify is that the latest to hitch in on the fun. unfortunately, its implementation is not precisely the greatest, with tons of crucial features from the main app missing.

Spotify has simply released its new app geared toward its free tier subscribers. known as Spotify lite, the app lacks the ability to shuffle or download songs, however includes new features appreciate an automatic data-limiting option.

First off, there is no offline playback for some reason. You'd assume that this might be a primary focus as long as this app's entire purpose is to save lots of data, however apparently not. there is additionally no extreme quality playback, however that is at least understandable given the aim. Spotify Connect, that permits audio to be seamlessly streamed from wireless audio devices, is sadly missing also.

Continuing on with the app's demerits, even Premium subscribers cannot choose specific songs to play. an equivalent behavior happens inside playlists, that is just absurd. In different words, the app primarily takes all Premium options away from paying subs, then some.

As you would possibly be able to tell, Spotify went a touch too hardcore on the "lite" side of Spotify lite, deleting essential features in favor of a smaller app size.

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