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MUST READ: Dangerous Times on the Internet is Coming

Dangerous times on the internet is coming.  It was just revealed that there is now a technology which can make a video appear so real that you will believe that it was indeed true. The new danger is called as "DEEPFAKE."  It refers to using deep learning, a type of machine learning, to add anyone's face and voice to video.

Why is Deepfake Dangerous?

Just imagine today, if people can be fooled by mere photos and social media statuses can you imagine what a truly realistic video could do?  This technology was previously used in the dark web and mostly on pornographic sites where the users use it to put celebrities and their ex into the video - NOW IT IS GOING MAINSTREAM.

Watch this video and tell me if this is fake or real.  Be honest.

“What happens when anyone can make it appear as if anything has happened, regardless of whether or not it did?” Ovadya told BuzzFeed News.

If you are someone who watched the video above and believe it is true then what would happen to your mindset?  Dangerous right?

We should be vigilant against internet dangers

It might be hard to do but we must be more vigilant against what we see, read and even watch online.  Not everything might soon be true.  Videos might appear so real but then it can be fake or a mere propaganda.

This is the danger that is now forthcoming on the internet.  A danger that Artificial Intelligence (AI), however beautiful they are, is contributing.

What can you say about this new development?  We want to hear your views.

Must Read: Know more about this latest internet danger:

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