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PhilNews.XYZ is another fake news website?

While browsing Facebook, 2 news items caught my attention.  The first one says that the photo of EDSA People Power 1986 with the nuns has a different story and the second one was a story about Sen. Trillanes having the plot to oust Duterte in connivance with the CIA.  These were 2 news articles which are indeed eye-catching and a must read.  Was the news true?

Netizen Reveals True Story Behind Iconic EDSA Nun Photo

The website posted a seemingly convincing Facebook post by a certain Paul Farol, which is said to be a photographer during the EDSA People Power revolt.  In this post, he said that there was a different story to the photo.  The post effectively says in general that the story about the nuns and the people stopping the tank is false.  The post also claims that the reason for the start of the EDSA People Power was a mere curiosity.

We tried to search for the actual Facebook post of Paul Farol and we had never seen any.  We also messaged him regarding this claim and we hope to hear from him.  Apparently while searching we found the original post.

In an apparent post by another EDSA People Power veteran, Melchor Magdamo, he also shared a real story but this time it was not demeaning of the revolt but rather a story which seems to reveal what truly happens.  As of today, not everything released by the media is true.

Jojo Robles Expose on Sen. Trillanes and the CIA

Another article reveals that the reason why President Duterte revoked the Amnesty of Trillanes was that there was a plan to oust the president instigated by Trillanes and the CIA.  We have searched for any article by Jojo Robles and we found none.

We found one article, "Trillanes gets KO’d" which says nothing about the ouster and Trillanes with the CIA.  So this seems to be an apparent fake news.

Why PhilNews.XYC could be a fake news website?

Browsing at the site, you will read a lot of negative information about the opposition to Duterte and it portrays the Yellow or those supporting the Aquinos as bad.  Most of the positive news on this website is about Duterte and his administration.

What do you think?  Is it another fake news website or were they just telling a different view?

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