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Garena PH Closing, An Insider Interview

We have so many unanswered questions on why Garena office in the Philippines is closing down.  Is it really true or was it just a hoax?  Today, someone messaged our page and offered us an insider look into everything that has happened at Garena PH.  We verified the identity of the person and confirmed that the person seems to be credible enough for an interview.


Disclaimer: We are not confirming any of what the person is saying since we are not directly privy to the information.  Pending the official statement from Garena itself, these are all just a plain interview and the truth to it is uncertain.  We are withholding the identity of the person since this interview is done with an agreement of anonymity.

The Closing of Garena PH

QConfirmation, is Garena PH really closing down?

A: Yes.  All operations will be handled by HQ but servers will stay here in the Philippines but will be managed by HQ.

Q: Why is such a decision made?

A: This decision was made by hq. All other offices are closing except for vVietnamand HQ.

Q: Why?

A: Because of low profit. In other words nalulugi na, unlike the sales of Vietnam.

Q: How come they have low profit when their games are a hit especially League of Legends. 

A: Nope. League is also droping on sales.  Much more expense than profit.

QWhy is there no official statement or announcement from Garena itself?

A: The last event called conquerors was sponsored by Globe. They gave Garena 50 million for them to advertise and sponsor games which are handled by Garena. And Garena ph thought that thia deal will get some of their losses but it did not.

Q: Again, why no official announcements?

A: It's their strategy not to make players to panic.  For 5 years that im in that company. I dont see them that confident to handle customers/players.

A Probable End for League of Legends

QDo you think Garena will eventually close down and see the end of LoL as a game?

A: Yes.  Because Garena and Riot have a contract and it will be ending soon.  And as far as I know, Riot will have an office here in the Philippines. So they may get back lol and run it from their part.  It may close down or accounts in ph will be merged to sg server.

QSo, League of Legends will still be a game to play and RIOT might eventually take over?

A: Yes

Effect/s on Local Players

Q: How will LoL local players be affected by these changes?

A: Actually they will not be affected that much. If the migration will happen either they will register for the migration and the servers will be down for at least 3 days.

QIs the migration inevitable?  Is it already planned?

A: When i left Garena there was no talk regarding that. Just the operations that will be handled by HQ. But as I've heard from a friend of mine that was just offered to resign last month. That there are some talks that it may happen in the near future

QAny message for Garena fans and players?

A: My message to players is just be prepare for the worst.  On my opinion. Garena ph down fall is because of poor management.

QWhy did you say poor management?

A: On my first 2 years in garena its all good. Sales, marketing etc. But after they changed the people who is handling these departments. That the time when the profit is going down

Official Garena and Riot Statements

We would like to share these direct statements made by Garena and Riot throuth DaGeeks through our friend, Vince Hauson.

We do not mean to mislead anyone. Our own interview was published as is. Each answer is posted the way it was answered. We do not wish to edit it because it might change the thought.

There you go.  We just hope that everything will be better and that whatever happens the welfare of the players will always be a priority.

Any comments or feedback?  Share your views on this issue.

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