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READ: 90 Million Facebook Users at Risk

About 90 million Facebook users are at risk of the hack that happened, September 25.  Facebook said that about 50 million accounts had been a breach and an additional 40 million is at risk.  The breach is due to a vulnerability of the "View As" function of Facebook.  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL, the user of external apps may also be in danger from the breach.

Why are Other Apps in Danger from the Facebook Breah?

Have you used Facebook Login to log into other apps in your phone?  If you are then those apps might also be in danger.  Facebook said that what was stolen are access tokens of about 90 million users.  These are the same access tokens that can be used to login to 3rd party accounts.

Any developer using our official Facebook SDKs — and all those that have regularly checked the validity of their users’ access tokens – were automatically protected when we reset people’s access tokens. However, out of an abundance of caution, as some developers may not use our SDKs — or regularly check whether Facebook access tokens are valid — we’re building a tool to enable developers to manually identify the users of their apps who may have been affected, so that they can log them out. - Facebook Login Update

How to Protect Yourself in the Future

Considering this recent hack on Facebook, you should do something to protect your account and your online presence.  Here are some ways to do it.

On Facebook

  • Regularly change your password.
  • Use a combination of letter (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols for your password.
  • Regularly log-out from your account when not in use.
On 3rd Party Apps
  • Avoid using Facebook login if necessary.
  • Register for a separate account for 3rd Party Apps whenever possible.
To know more about the extent of the Facebook hack and breach you can visit their official blog post about the issue.

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