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Warcraft 3 Remastered Officially Announced at Blizzcon

Blizzard has officially announced WARCRAFT 3 REFORGED at Blizzcon 2018.  It will be a remastered version of Warcraft 3 with whole new character models and animation.  Feels like they really love this game and we know you love this as well.

Initial Look at Warcraft 3 Reforged

It seems to look good and I think we will be one of those that are really excited about it.  Check these out.

What do you think of Warcraft 3 Remastered?

So what do you think of this remastered version Warcraft 3: Reforged?  Is it worth the money and revisit?  Share your comments.  The remastered version will arrive in 2019.  Meanwhile here are some reactions from Twitterverse.

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